January 24, 2014

2014 Lotus E22 and Mclaren MP4-29 explained.

At least a preliminary look with Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough.  

About now everyone should be tired of genitals / monkey nose memes and curious about what is going on.  
Are Lotus being too clever for their own good wight that asymmetrical split nose?  Did Mclaren get it right this time.   Windsor and Scarbs discuss.

One thing I'm surprised Scarbs left out is a mention of the winglets created on the rear pull rod suspension/brake ducts area of the MP4-29.


  1. What are the square boxes around the rear brake ducts on the McLaren? Hiding something?

  2. that's where they might these winglets Franco Nugnes had discussed in early January and that is related to a similar treatment on the MP4-22 (the second image below). The idea, it's said is to simulate the beam wing outlawed in 2014

  3. Might put it into that fuzzy area of "Movable aero device."


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