September 16, 2013

Lamborghini Safety Car Fail.

Italian GT Championship at Vallelunga.   Granted, conditions were horrible but it's at the very least bad form for the safety car, a 4WD Lamborghini Gallardo to spin!

How bad was it? check out the highlight video after the break
(Via Michela Cerruti who was driving the white BMW Z4 GT3 you see caught out in the highlight clip)


  1. bummer, preferred the black page layout.

    1. I'm trying to speed up the site... evolving

    2. Try lowering the resolution of the photos.

    3. I think it should work better now, at least according to the Google speed measuring thing. And yes, they also suggest making the pictures smaller.... but Don't you like big screen filling pix? I do! :)

    4. ...we've been through this before. It takes forever to load the page, and in chrome any attempted scrolling while loading leads to a huge jump once page is loaded. Something in your layout makes this unique among pages I regularly visit. Huffpo, Wired, Gawker - all scroll while loading vital bits without that delayed 'jump' once all the pics and frames are loaded.

      Big pics are great,but I'm willing to click a thumbnail while browsing if I don't have to wait 10-15 seconds for everything else to load and allow me to actually browse the page.

      No offense. all due respect, I love this site and the community. It's just...sometimes you can read the title of the next article, but you cannot click on it until the rest of the page is fully loaded...da fuq?

    5. I'm stumped because on both Safari or chrome the site does not do that for me. Yeah, it's not instant loading but it's not that bad.
      Anyway, programming is not what I do, if any of you wants to contribute some expert help, it would be welcome of course!


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