September 1, 2013

Alonso's tweets mysterious...

Sunday evening and Fernando Alonso unleashes a cryptic tweet, first in Spanish

then in English

Given recent events and supposed tensions within the Scuderia, what's this all about?

Rather than get too excited I'll defer to an analysis by a publication that lives and breathes all things Ferrari for the past fifty years or so. Autosprint.

Publisher Alberto Sabbatini goes through a process of exclusion, and I paraphrase:

1. the idea Alonso would announce a switch to Red Bull is pure science fiction as would be an announcement about a retirement from racing.

2. Announcing a new secret weapon development breakthrough for Monza would be stupid and self damaging

3. Alonso is not sending Luca di Montezemolo unconventional or ironic birthday wishes since the big boss' birthday was August 31.

So that is, according to Sabbatini, what Fernando is NOT up to so by exclusion  two possible hypothesis remain:

He's announcing his webbing with Dasha, his Russian girlfriend


He's going to announce the name of his teammate for 2014, Kimi Raikkonen.

And very possibility it is this , according to Autosprint, that is behind the tension between Alonso and Ferrari of late, because the Spaniard realizes he is about to lose his unchallenged #1 status within the team. Perhaps, Webber's announcement about Ricciardo was an inspiration.

Alonso, like any driver, believes having a clear #1 is more efficient and indeed that has been Ferrari's policy since the arrival of Schumacher in the mid 90s.

Ironically the only period in recent times when Ferrari had no clear #1 was 2007-2008 with Raikkonen and Massa, the result then were both driver and constructor championship wins.

Stay tuned and feel free to speculate!

UPDATE:  It's none of the above!  Alonso bought a cycling team....     6 M Euro to rescue the Basque team Euskaltel Euskadi from bankruptcy.    Alonso earns about $30 M per year from his Ferrari contract.


  1. Kimmi would be great back at Ferrari, he only smiles around I think they'd be an amazing team with him...again

  2. As much as I love speculating, I just don't see back Kimi at Ferrari. Hulkenberg seems the most logical choice to replace Massa when he inevitably falls short (again) this season.

  3. First, MUCH THANKS to Alonso for being so active on his Twitter page. Rightly so he has his private life, but he knows that F1 fans are curious about what a world class driver does in between races. Its nice. The real wildcard in this whole thing is, who is gonna have the upper hand with the new engines coming next year. Red Bull is #1 this year, or shall we say Seb's Red Bull is #1 this year, but who is gonna have the upper hand next year with the new engine. You switch seats thinking your gonna move up the grid, but come March you realize you're spending half your race trying to pass Max Chilton. I too am thinking that Alonso's announcement could be girlfriend related. She's a knockout. Alonso probably has From Russia With Love on permanent rotation on his bluray player. He needs some of that "Putin Power" to help him get that extra two-tenths outta his Ferrari!!!!

  4. My guess: There won't be much to talk about at Monza except for rumors. Alonso just wants media attention/publicity because Ferrari haven't got any of it from his no-number-1-appearances. And this is his way to satisfy Monty - bring attention to Ferrari.

  5. I expected something uninteresting, but not that uninteresting. Gee 'Nando, no one cares.

  6. Check this picture at finishing line in SPA. I think thats the real power of Nando...

  7. Guillaume might not care, but this is actually a Big Deal. Something like this has been on Alonso's mind for years.

  8. Jeez. We got all excited for this? I feel like Ralphie in A Christmas Story. I raced home from school, opened my secret decoder, and spelled out the message. Alonso just told me to drink my ovaltine.


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