August 31, 2013

Speed Secrets Saturday: Practice Strategically


Driving fast is not one skill, it's orchestral multi-tasking at speed.  Want to be as badass under brakes as Alex Buncombe?   Ross recommends practicing each part individually before playing the full tune.  

Practice Strategically

If football teams practiced the way most race and performance drivers practice, they'd show up and play a scrimmage.  But that's not what they do.
Instead, they practice strategically - they break the game down into individual, specific skills, such as blocking, passing, kicking, plays, etc., and they practice them over and over again until they've gotten them down pat.
Then, they put them together for a scrimmage, and eventually the game.

Take a lesson from football teams and break your driving down into individual / specific skills, such as braking, brake release, line, use of the throttle, sensing what the car is feeling like, vision, listening to the car and tires, feeling feedback through the steering wheel, sensing g-forces build and release through a turn, speed sensing and so on.
The more you break the skill or technique down, the more effective your practice will be.

There's a strategy for practice that will help you improve more quickly than if you just go out and drive around and around, expecting to go faster. When I’m coaching, I see myself as a strategist as much or more so than a teacher. My goal is to develop and oversee the best strategy for my drivers to improve the most, as quickly as possible.
If you take a few minutes to think about what specific skill you need to improve most, and then figure out the best strategy for practicing it, you can do achieve the same level of improvement on your own.

Practice strategically.

Ross Bentley
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