August 30, 2013

No garage queen!

I understand how the BMW 1M CoupĂ© was a rare car and demand is still high enough they are still trading above their original list price,  but Axis despises garage queens and have little patience for those who spend more time polishing than driving.

....Which is why seeing this Dutch rally prepared BMW 1M  makes us happy!

(photos: Joost Kooi/Autosport-Media)


  1. Shouldn't there be more drifting involved? Perhaps they should add "disengage traction control" into their setup routine?

  2. The car is stock? because it seems it has the catalytic converter still on... That would explain first the red glow in the back of the exhaust and the "flames" after the miss fires ...

  3. Yeah i think there could be drifting invoved there! and disengage will be the solution!

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