July 25, 2013

Kobayashi Moscow Crash Onboard

Not to harp on this too much but it's nice to see Ferrari get in the full Russian spirit with the "dash cam" of Kobayashi's crash in Moscow...

In any case,  crash happens and both Kamui and Ferrari made a great "recovery" by presenting the nosecone of the battered car to Evgeny Kaspersky, founder of Scuderia Ferrari sponsor Kaspersky Labs during a visit to the software company's headquarters.

Well played!

(ht Timur)


  1. It's hard to say if the crash looks dumber from the on board or from outside, a draw perhaps? It would have been cooler if he just did a brake stand and blew up the motor.

  2. Ignoring all the tongue and cheek humor that's going around about this incident, I'm just really glad those wheel tethers did their job, we've had far too many injuries and deaths in motor racing this year.

  3. Ehh, lots of people having a laugh at Kamui's expense, but keep in mind that he was probably under a lot of pressure to make a good showing for the crowd. That's obviously a public street with (assuming) little grip. I'm not excusing the crash -- it was a dullard move to stay in the throttle once it started to get nasty -- but I can also see why he did it.

  4. Did I miss the part where Kamui became employed by Ferrari?

  5. you did! He has done some GT racing for the Scuderia too.


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