July 24, 2013

The Nürburgring Ür Lap

The Master, Re-Mastered.

A while back we published an open letter to Ken Block offering to furnish him with a Polo shirt along with a set of white sox (short) and loafers if he would abandon his well choreographed and edited Gymkana videos in favor of something inspired by the one video that arguably started it all, Stefan Roser ripping in the RUF Yellowbird at the 'Ring, circa 1987.

That video, without a doubt part of the origins of drifting along with cats from Japan, certainly cemented the Nürburgring legend forever. Up to now, we've all seen it as a very period correct crappy 1980's video but check this out, not only a much better copy but also a complete onboard lap showing "ZFG" Roser skating what must be one of the worst handling, most terrifying cars in history, with total ease.

Still amazing over 25 years later.


  1. Hey? This is hardly remastered. A better quality version exists here

  2. This is F***ing terrifying. That car is so ass-happy, you can see him actually using turn-in oversteer on purpose to get the car to rotate.


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