July 25, 2013

Senna's Ghost Lights Up Suzuka

Ayrton Senna's gone but his data remains.

Honda used 24 year telemetry from Senna's Mclaren Honda MP4/5 along with an epic array of lights and speakers to recreate this ghostly lap at Suzuka.

The 1989 MP4/5 was powered by a Honda V10 and, of course, Suzuka was the the site of the infamous incident between Senna and teammate Alain Prost at the chicane.    An odd but amazing tribute giving the measure of just how seriously Honda is taking the ramp up to its return to F1.

(Honda Japan)


  1. Grrr. There would be no doppler effect from stationary speakers.

  2. well, if someone speaks Japanese... fill us in! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVeSYyYzjhY&feature=share&list=UU74rufV9sOK7FbiOuGAUfBA

  3. Just turn on the youtube english closed captions... they work!

  4. Use the close caption feature of youtube, in CC menu.


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