April 9, 2013

Fernando Laps LaFerrari At Fiorano....Slowly now

He promised two slow laps...
I'm guessing when they finally announce it, the current Fiorano lap record will be pulverized. Now, what's up with Nando's Lloyd Christmas haircut?
(H/t Borja!)


  1. Nice shot of Alonso gritting his teeth at :48. The Lloyd Christmas hairdo has everything to do with the fact that Fernando has few race wins with Ferrari, no Championships with Ferrari, AND HIS PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF WHILE HE'S BEEN AT FERRARI! I think outwardly Fernando projects confidence, but deep down he knows that he's at Ferrari at the wrong time. Schumi left, so did the talent. Kimi was lucky enough to catch the last of it. The irony of Ferrari's F1 effort has always been that the more Italians there are in the team, the worse they do.

  2. I'm Italian and from Bertolini's lips I'm reading something like 1'20"5. (It could be also a 1'25" but then that wouldn't justify the amazed reaction).

    If that's the laptime, it's 4.5 secs quicker than the 458 and the "old" Enzo...

  3. Those cornering speeds look insane but also sped up maybe?

  4. I was in Monza for the Blancpain Endurance Series last weekend and I spoke with someone that was very inside the facts on that day.
    He told me that our laptime guess is more or less correct, but that's not all. Bertolini got in the car alone in the afternoon and posted an even quicker laptime, below the 1'20 mark. Alonso was informed, and he promised that he will jump in the car again to beat Andrea :)


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