April 8, 2013

Rush Vs Reality

Given the abysmal, pardon the pun, track record of racing movies, I'm sure many are nervous about Rush, Ron Howard's take on the 1976 Formula 1 season and the drama between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

As much as I have a hard time accepting the actor who played Thor as skinny party animal Hunt, at least he's not Sylvester Stallone and Rush looks to be exquisitely photographed and meticulous in the way you would expect of a Ron Howard movie.

Rush will open September 13th, fingers crossed can it hope to do justice to the epic reality that was Hunt?

Here's the real thing, for reference.


  1. The cinematographer looks to have gone all J.J. Abrams with the lens flares and CG camera shots. I'm not sure that this level of post production suits the story, but I guess we'll find out.

    I'm worried about this one. I really hope the studios haven't had too much of a hand in the editing room - trying to make it more marketable to action crazed American audiences. The trailer certainly makes it seem that way.

  2. I saw this film a few months ago at a screening. I am not even supposed to mention it at all.

    However, I'll say this. Bruel as Lauda is the one redeeming feature of the whole film. He was pitch perfect but James on the other hand. Shessh... Ham handed performance. I mean, the shower scene alone should say it all. James Hunt didn't have abs of steel...

    The narrative plays out well and some of the racing shots are good. The version I saw still had some CG tweaking, music and color correction so maybe that is what was so un-even about all of it.

  3. not sure about you, but i loved Le Mans, steve mcqueen one, esp lots of Porsche 917 scenes :)

  4. RUSH will be the new benchmark for racing films. Granted we don't get many very often so this will be a genuine anomaly. This film will be open-wheel redemption for Stallone's "Drivel", oops, I meant "Driven." Damn Stallone's movie sucked. I think Sly originally wanted to do a more true classic F1 type movie, but prick Bernie put the kibosh on any F1 footage. If only James Hunt were still with us. He, and his genitals, could regale us with some really great stories. To the victor go the spoils!!!

  5. "I'm sure many are nervous about Rush,........"

    Given the responses it's gotten all over the internet, I think absolutely no one is "nervous" about this movie. No one.

    1. Considering most of the audience responding on the internet have no clue as to who James Hunt was except maybe as the guy who's name they once saw on Kimi's helmet, that's not surprising.

      There are two aspects, reality and a good movie. Even in a documetary like Senna those two things do not necessarily jibe. And the choice of Hemsworth as Hunt is not an obvious one, his acting in everything I've seen him in is a bit wooden, Hunt was anything but.

      We'll see, I hope it's great

    2. You must read the reactions of different people because almost everyone I've seen write about it know exactly who and what this movie is about. People that have seen a prescreen of it have said very good things about it. Ron Howard is no fool, he knows how to make good and factual entertainment.

    3. Like I said, I hope so and for sure reality many times can be bent gets in the way of a better movie (look at Senna...and that was a documentary!). Someone I trust and who's not a journalist had comments which jibe with what I've seen from Hemsworth in previous movies...


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