March 14, 2013

V8 Supercar Of The Future In Action.

T-Bone MacDonald/Flickr

Aussie Attractions
Busy week end of racing this one, 12 hours of Sebring on this side of the world, , Formula 1 and V8 Supercars on the other.

The Clipsall 500 in Adelaide was the debut for the V8 Supercar "Car of the Future".   Moving to something between DTM and FIA GTE, V8 Supercars have dropped their live axles and gained two new manufacturers with the addition of Mercedes and Nissan. The Merc, with it's awesome sounding flat plane crank V8 is a crowd favorite already.

Here are some race highlights

If you want more, check out those amazing V8 Supercar shocks working the high curbs.

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  1. Is it odd that I all of a sudden have the urge to motorboat two 2l bottles of Pepsi Max?

    Can't wait for Austin too!


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