March 7, 2013

Ferrari Owners vs Ferrari Drivers

Photo: Dario D'Alba

To paraphrase Il Commendatore "There are Ferrari Owners and there are Ferrari Drivers".

There is a whole category of web sites who thrive on the frequent misadventures of the first and indeed Ferrari makes a pretty penny on cars and parts. Guess what, it turns out 550hp plus, mid engine sports cars need to be treated with some respect, shocker.

Witness this pathetic example.

- Car bought that very same morning? Check
- New tires, still with their greasy compound and perhaps Armor All'd at the dealer? Not check but likely, so check.
- Wet road? Check.
- "I'm taking the traction control off because real men don't need it and I saw Chris Harris skid on Drive today"? Check.
- Prerequisite shadines of owner when car mysteriously disappears from the road before police can get there? Check.

Only thing missing it was a fire. This latest fail happened in southern Italy and as sad as it was, it's important to remember that it's really a reflection of the driver not, as some would have it, the brand. After all, all it really takes to be a Ferrari owner is money.

Truth is, Ferraris rip hard and are sublime, it's just that not everyone has the stones to do sideways at 120 mph like our tracktard buddy Manu in this classic, one of the most epic videos in the history of tracktardism, for example. Now, THAT is a Ferrari Driver.


  1. Fantastic post . . . just curious, is Manu the same guy who was flinging that 458 around Monza so casually? What a great pilot!

  2. If you never crash, you're not trying.

  3. Try learning the driving part first, then get the Ferrari.

    1. That would be the smart thing to do or leave the nannies on. Classic case of more money than brain.

  4. [Enzo video] Holy steering correction! Haven't seen that much since the last time I watched the RUF video.

    Where do you go from there though? Is a Lotus Elise too plain for you at that point? I can't imagine that guy is ever going to sign up for a Spec Miata race.

    Love the button down shirt though.

  5. Driver is definitely Italian: He has to take one hand off the wheel to talk. XD


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