October 3, 2012

The Gray

This is one of only five Ferrari Enzo ever produced in gray,  never even seen a picture of one in the color.

As we have been discussing "top" cars  it's interesting to look back at the previous bunch.  The F60 Enzo was shocking when it was first shown ten years ago.   It made few concessions to styling and was devoid of all creature comforts, like the F40 and F50 before it.   It looked like no other car just a hardcore driving machine incorporating F1 technology.

We asked Harvey Stanley of  renowned UK Ferrari specialist DK Engineering , about the market value of the F60 and how it compares with other similar cars, such as they were.       Enzos are currently trading in the GBP 770K to 800K range,  about $1.3M.
If you were one of the 399 chosen by Ferrari and allowed to buy one new it would have set you back around $650k in 2002,  making them quite a good hedge against inflation.

By comparison, Carrera GT's trade GBP300K (much less in the US where they list in the mid $300K) and Mclaren SLRs have not held their value.

To be and F70 first owner you would probably need to be either Fernando Alonso or have owned an Enzo, and F50 and an F40 with probably a GTO thrown in there so the new generation car,  Harvey tells us, has only sparked more interest in the Enzo,  not a bad "plan B" for those not lucky enough to own an F70.

Should your "plan B" require it, DK Engineering has the gray and the red Enzos in these pictures as well as an F50  and, not one but three F40 in their inventory.   The F50 trade in the 4 to 500K pound range while the F40s are in the 350 to 450K range.

Tell Mr. Harvey, Axis sent you!

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  1. Hmm . . . I guess one of those (5) are here in Los Angeles



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