August 12, 2012

Pastor Maldonado FAIL

Pastor Maldonado took to the street of Caracas with his state sponsored Williams to the bombastic announcements of Venezuelan TV proclaiming the revolutionary glory of La Rep├║blica Bolivariana de Venezuela.

People on the street had a good laugh when he bent it after two laps. "Hahaha, He even crashes here!" Pastor probably thought he saw Hamilton and Checo Perez in the crowd and will blame them.

Maldonado said "I had the line but the kerb cut me off and crashed into me"

(Thanks, Andres and @soimightbewrong and Kat Kim)

Where is Andres Cantor when you need him? "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!"


  1. lollerskates!

    I'm a little perplexed, though, it looks like they've got permanent grandstands alongside this stretch of road, and they (roads)all look wide enough to be a GP track as well.

    And...Maldonado. Guy can't even keep the thing pointed forward when he's the only one on the entire road. How can I get a drive like that? (oh, yeah, I need millions of dollars of ad money...*sigh)


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