August 6, 2012

Horse risotto.

Of course it's a journalist's job to get flown to Italy, fed risotto and press releases and come up with something tangible after three laps at Fiorano and 2 hours with the car on public roads.  It's a talent and some are better than others at it but see how many fed talking points you pick out in all these reviews.

Aero Bridge? Quick, pointy steering? "These cars are used by customers more than any other Ferrari? It's smaller on the outside than the 599? It's not intimidating?   What else can you find?

Then as a bonus game, guess how many's ...heroic sideways footage is just edited clips of someone else driving. Have fun!

The Axis idea of a car review goes something like THIS, ...which is probably why we'll never be allowed to do car reviews, ever!


  1. It's interesting how much alike all those video pieces are.

    I bet the bulk of the content was pulled directly from Ferrari's digital press kit, edited into soundbite-sized chunks, then shot along with a sew of B roll and cut together on the various plane rides back home.

    Nice car though ... it deserves better reportage.

  2. I try not to swear when I make comments on the internet, but you guys f*cking nailed it. This is what I hate about automotive journalists. 99% of the videos you showed are talk talk talk. Even the guys who slide the cars around that youtubers and forum members deem "talented" do not extract the full potential of the car and thus can not write a proper review of how the car behaves at the limit. I've been trained by national champions and I don't know many national champions who slide their cars around, but I do know national champions who can go into more technical detail in terms of driving than any automotive journalist I've ever met.

    You guys review things from a hardcore drivers perspective and ironically that isn't the view that is respected by the general automotive community. It's sad really. My time spent at technical school really opened my eyes and once they were opened they discredited a majority of the auto industries critics.

    Axis to me has always been the hardcore enthusiasts refuge in the tornado of BS that circles the internet and for that I thank you. Every single review of this car I've seen so far has been absolute garbage.

    If you attached a couple go pro cameras and a telemetry system, shut the f*ck up and drove the living piss out of this car without saying a word I would be able to surmise more about this cars character and behavior than any loud mouthed automotive journalist could hope to convey in an hour long segment.

    Excuse my brash post, but it's all getting a bit ridiculous and the more education I get on the subject matter the more I have put these journalists on the curb where they belong.

    Pathetic reviews quite frankly.

    -Mulholland Ghost

  3. I'd rather see Alonso take it flat out around Fiorano and see how much he smiles at the end..


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