August 3, 2012

Snake in the grass.

Photo: Camden Thrasher

Viper makes its debut/return to ALMS this week end at Mid Ohio.
Dominik Farnbacher, driver of the Forza Motorsport SRT Viper GT-R sent this update.

"Here is a little update on the raceweekend and race debut here in Mid Ohio.
First of all I will be driving the #91 Forza Motorsport SRT Viper GTS-R together with my Canadian Co driver Kuno Wittmer.

The free test day on Thursday went well, we had time to find a setup on the car which matches our driving styles the best. We were still off the pace and lacking top speed a bit, that is usually normal for a new race car coming in a series like that. 

Then today was Practice1 and 2 plus Qualifying.
Kuno started Practice 1 and experienced right away t a light miss-fire in the engine and he came in. We tried to solve it, by trying to fixes and sending Kino and myself out again and again. No solution. After Practice 1 we decided to swap the complete power train including all the electronic unites on the engine, in order not to fail in the race.
That why we could not attend today in Qualifying and P2. Tomorrow we will start from the last position. Our goals are to finish the race and to make further progress in our development stages and get more mileage on all of our components in order to find weak parts and spots on our now car :) enjoy the race. The race will be live in the US on ABC and my European friends can follow it on on a livestream.
Enjoy my friends."

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