July 28, 2012

Scary Red Flag Fail

This happened recently in a German Formula Master, which is a lower level Formula 3 series with cars powered by 1.6l VW engines. What might have been lacking in active safety was made up by passive safety of the cars, we shudder to think what a crash like this might have looked like fifteen or twenty years ago.
(thanks to Motordangerous)


  1. It's not directly an red flag fail, as there were double yellow flags after the yellow 17 car spun out. The other drivers didn't slow down enough, which resulted in the nasty accident you've witnessed in this video. After that the race was redflagged.

  2. Lesson: If you're flagging a race and there is a waving yellow incident in your corner and race control brings out a safety car, keep waving your single yellow!!!

  3. My biggest worries were about those two safety blokes from rescue car... that was seconds/centimetres from disaster. Those guys do their job as quickly as possible often exposing their backs to oncoming traffic, relying to race control, marshals and of course drivers... I mean today yellow flags means usually nothing to drivers. :(

  4. I am glad to see everyone's ok, because it could have been more nasty. The safety crew are taught guidelines but accidents are all different, so i am glad nobody was hurt by this stupid mistake involving the flags and impatient drivers.

  5. I'm just wondering.. who's fault is this?

    I personally think that a safety car should have been deployed right after the very first yellow car had its accident. I mean if this happened in F1, a safety car would be unquestionable!

    1. That's quite normal not to deploy safety car at this situation in lesser series. Races are very short, SC phase could ruin most of the race... Rescue vehicles are used often to move the stalled car from ( or near) the track, usually you dont see this in TV.

      Problem was the position, outside of the fast corner and in the racing line basically. And also young guys were racing hard not taking care about some yellow flags.

      Maybe quick SC for 2 laps could have done the job.

  6. The drivers didn't respect the waved yellow flag. Slow down and be prepared to stop!!


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