June 7, 2012

Canadian GP Preview

Photo: Victor Burnett

You have to feel web sites devoted exclusively to F1 in the past two weeks, there really has been very little to fill pages. What news has been out there has been, at best, thin: Luca Montezuma says Ferrari must win, Hamilton says he should win, web sites guess drivers salaries following an obvious tip from Red Bull trying to counter their image as the spendiest team.

Photo: Eva Blue
Thank god for ol Jacques Villeneuve who displayed stunning nerve in calling today's racers "Daddy boys". Really Jacqui? Comic relief.

So what to look forward to:  Canada is a brakes and point and quirt track, there are no fast turn (by F1 standards anyway) so it's a compromise between straight line speed and having enough downforce to slow down efficiently.
Mercedes' double DRS system might prove very handy here. The low drag Lotus should do well, provided they solve their Monaco steering issues, which birdies tell us is Finnish for Kimi's epic Friday morning hangover.

Ferrari will have many new parts to test Friday, including a new version of their old exhausts. If it works, they will be a factor for the win.  And of course there is the Pirelli tire roulette.

There might be a seventh different winner, Schumacher, Raikkonen, certainly Hamilton is starting to feel left out of the party. If we have a repeat winner it might be the turning point of the season, in 1982 Rosberg Sr. won the championship with only two race wins.

Weather should be dry all week end unlike last year!

If you attend the race, check out the support Porsche GT3 and Ferrari Challenge races for the two Axis branded cars. Take lots of pictures!

Here is a look back at the 2011 edition of the Canadian GP


  1. The comic cracks me up. Easily the most emotion I have seen from Kimi.


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