June 6, 2012

991 GT3 will have no manual transmission

Bit of a watershed moment: the 991 GT3, if you believe Autocar magazine, will only be offered with a PDK dual clutch paddle shifter.

Porsche follows Ferrari ditching the third pedal.    We have no doubt about the performance advantages but how do you feel about not getting a choice, even a silly one like a 7 speed manual?   Luddite 911 owner demographic no firmly in Panamera/Cayenne age group?

I will admit this might put a dent in my "depreciated 997 GT3" ownership plan.


  1. What's a Manual Transmission?
    For me DSG, Ferrari's F1, PDK, DSG, etc are all Manuals. Why?
    1. You can always have the transmission be in the gear you want it to be (Contrary to real automatics)
    2. There's no slip between the engine speed and tranny speed (i.e. no torque converter), so its all direct drive (contrary to automatics

    Another thing is that all those modern transmission above can be put in "Auto" mode, so it becomes an automated manual, but what real driver drives a decent performance car like that?

    The "H" Patern manual with a clutch is just a user interface thats almost 100 years old and way due to evolve and obsolete in a high performance car, IMO.

    1. I agree, but I'm surprised especially because so many Porscheistas are so hung up about these things (manual transmission, 911 is the only "man's car" yada yada.

      US marked will demand a stick shift, they did enough even with a car where it makes zero sense like the M5. Problem is Ze germans seem to like automatics as in Mercedes style "tuned" torque converter boxes. That we have to fight

    2. My problem with the purists' argument is where does it stop? Do we get rid of syncromesh too? I love a well executed heel & toe change as much as the next 'tard, but there's a lot to be said for being able to left foot brake while keeping both hands on the wheel.

  2. I'm conflicted. I track a manual Boxster Spyder. Sometimes, I wish I had PDK. When track surfaces are uneven, and you're carrying a lot of speed into braking zones or out of large radius turns, it be nerve-racking to take a hand off the wheel to shift. If you've ever driven on the infield of Autoclub Speedway, you know what I'm talking about.

    In my opinion, driving road cars (not race cars) should be more about the experience than performance numbers, but road cars have experienced an extreme jump in performance over the last decade. PDK makes a lot of sense for cars with as much accessible performance as the forthcoming 991 GT3.

    1. this image clearly shows the PDK paddles:


  3. I think it's a bit of a shame. I'm not fussed that they're offering the PDK 'box (I think it's brilliant), it's just a shame that potential buyers won't get the option of rowing for themselves. Paddle-shifted cars are demonstrably quicker than their DIY brethren so it's no surprise that Porsche is going down the route of 'faster is better.'

  4. I don't believe this at all. This kind of misinformation is sure keeping RS 4.0 values way up in the stratosphere.

  5. why do I feel like a technological stick-in-the-mud-like-Enzo right now (even though I'm only 43)?

    manual transmission unavailable for GT3?

    no. No. NO. NO!

    I'll let "Chris Harris on cars" video on the Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic launch to serve as my points of argument.

  6. There is something about having a clutch and stick that brings the skill of a human into the driving of a car around the track. That goes away with a PDK or auto transmission, and sadly part of the driving experience goes away as well.

    Remember 'tards, it's not how fast you get there, but how much fun you have doing it. Ok - it's how fast you get there AND how much fun you have doing it.

    I cannot help but think that taking away the stick and clutch just removes us one more step further from a piece of the fun.

    I wonder. Would F1 be an incredibly more interesting place with fully manual transmissions? I for one think that it would be eminently more difficult, and much more interesting. There is nothing like waiting for someone to miss a shift, be in the wrong gear, and then taking them on the inside. Auto trannies have pretty much made that moot. I miss it.

    So - in my opinion - It will be a sad day to see it go. I have no doubt that it will be faster, easier to drive, and less prone to money shifts. But it will be a hallmark moment that I think we will all miss.

  7. As cars get more powerful and faster, an automated manual becomes more of a safety feature. For example, an Agera R would not be a safe car with a traditional stick shift.

    There are plenty of cars that can be fitted with a double clutch gear box, but it wouldn't make them a better car. Even if the gear shifts are faster, the experience would definitely be toned down. Imagine a Mazda MX-5 with a double clutch gear box.

    I am sad that Porsche made this decision, but it was probably the right decision on their part. I think, as long as there are gear heads, there will be 3 pedals. Just my 2 cents ;P


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