June 18, 2011

2 accidents, 2 flat tires, 5 pit stops, 1 penalty FTW!

Jenson Button, McLaren MP4-26 Mercedes

OK, OK... here it is. Seriously if these GPs keep having so much action I'll have to stop making these, too much work, this one is close to ten minutes!

As the Canadian GP was so long (and we got so soaked in the stands) I'll keep the comments short:

Great race, tainted a bit in my view by the safety car start. It was barely raining as the race started and the excuse that teams were not familiar with the Pirelli rains was just sad. Hey, If AxisCG could go out in the rain, never having driven on Yokohama wets, you mean to tell me the worl's best drivers in the world's most sophisticated cars cannot handle it...pppft.
It was a completely unfair advantage to Vettel and Red Bull. Lame

Button, crowd favorite, nice to the Jense the Gent (or anyone for that matter) get such a great win. Yeah he had some luck but the trick was to keep your cool and Button was an icicle in Montreal. Fantastic race.

Vettel, well, he chocked didn't he? it was just one mistake but a costly one. Inevitably people might question how Vettel handles pressure on track.

Hamilton: don't want to dwell too much, but he drove yet another brainless race with too many people afterwards falling all over themselves to find excuses for the dolt. His bump into Webber was the stuff of first year rookies and the collision with Button completely illogical given the conditions and the racing line (check out the last lap pass Massa made on Kobayashi on the outside of the kink, he made it, but he never made turn 1, same thing would have happened to Hamilton). Yawn.

Alonso: penalyfed by the SC start, Ferrari blew it when they came in for inters seconds before a downpour. Collision with Button was just one of those things, Alonso gave him some room, Button could not turn in any tighter. Racing incident.

Schumacher: the magic was back but the car was not. Respect for Webber, another true gent, who said in a post race interview that he passed "grandpa" because "he does not have the car I do"... You're the man @aussiegrit !

Kobayashi: he's crashed a lot less than Hamilton of late. Has gotten to a point where people know he's going to go for anything vaguely possible, just ask Massa who conceded turn 1 to Kamui. That is a fantastic card for him if he's smart about it.

Feel free to discuss... clip after the jump


  1. dunno if it's me or not but the video doesn't seem to work. and please dont stop! your videos are amazing!

  2. Completely illogical? That's an interesting way to put it. Button, after the race admitted it was his fault. He also said he could not see Hamilton in his mirrors yet you can clearly see him looking into his left mirror as he is defending his line.

    Hamilton's collision with Webber was stupid, yes. Even as a Hammy fan I can admit that, but to say the incident with Button was illogical is a little over the top considering Button's post race comments on the incident, and the video of the incident showing him looking into his mirrors as he turns into Hamilton.

  3. P.S, I love the blog, despite all the Hamilton hate. :)

  4. Steven, here on Axis they blame Hamilton on absolutely everything he does, so just ignore it.

  5. Well you guys can be free to build your case for Hamilton, I say he drove a dolt's race in Montreal. He made three huge errors: Webber, He went long at the hairpin trying to pass Schumacher and he crashed with Button.

    As for the Button incident, I base the criticism also on CG's experience, he actually raced on the track and he'll tell you that is the last place one would try to make a move, especially in those conditions.

    But if you can make a good case in his defense, run with it, just don't say "oh they just hate Hammy" next thing you'll accuse us of hating him because he quotes AliG! :)

  6. The incident with shumi was also a bit lame of schumi. He moved towards the outside and hamilton was forced to the grass. I see that as a race incident. There was still room left and hamilton should have kept that room.

    As for the button incident... i think it was hamiltons mistake, button didn't take a different line, he def. looked to see where hamilton was and after that corrected a bit too much to the left (for him). Imho that was because he was looking. After that, button was ON THE LINE! Hamilton should have taken the right side of the track so he would be on the inside for the kink on to the right.

    Sure, button will say it was his mistake, I just think they are both to blame, it was Hamiltons wrong move in the first place.

  7. @Cyclops, Button is too much of a gentleman

  8. Actually, its rather funny to hear all this whinings about Hamilton, cause looks like you've never seen Senna, Prost, Hill, Mansell etc etc etc racing. Just read the latest Bernie interview here: http://www.thesportreview.com/tsr/2011/06/f1-news-bernie-ecclestone-sticks-up-for-lewis-hamilton/
    Isn't it the man who understands F1 better then anyone else?

  9. What song did you use at the end of this vid? I remember you using it after a Monaco Free Practice a few years ago. Thanks for the blog and video

  10. I'm not anti-Hamilton. I really want to like the guy. I did not buy his goodie goodie two shoes, God and Senna are on MY side mantra in '07, but to give him credit I felt with a few notable exceptions he'd started to grow up over the past few seasons.

    That has unfortunately changed, and I fear that he is now on a downward spiral. It remains unclear in my mind whether he'll be able to wrestle control with a healthy measure of calm, stable confidence. My gut tells me he'll continue to over cook it, a result of trying to too hard to make up lost ground.

    IMHO, he drives like he's playing PS3. For any of us grown-ups courageous enough to admit sitting in front of the game console . . . as embarrassing at that might sound . . . I don't think it's a stretch to recall all of the online players who treat the game like a demo derby.

    Even if my point is a bit over the top, I think it's fair to say that the non-stop comparisons between his style and Senna are just too convenient.
    As much as I value Senna, I don't agree with everything he did. I'm not certain, despite the recent hype, that Senna should be the yardstick in regards to every aspect of the pursuit.

    There have been plenty of great drivers, and more than a handful managed to be successful without destroying everyone in their path

  11. Another thought . . . it should be no surprise that Bernie is defending Hamilton. In fact, I'm sure Bernie wants him to keep stirring controversy.

    This sort of thing keeps F1 in the news, and the last thing any promoter would want is a bunch of performers who play by the rules

  12. Notice Charlie sipping on Red Bull in the box as the red was decided to start with a safety car? Conspiract or coincidence? Just saying.

  13. @ CS - you lost all credibility by quoting Bernie. That man is made of pure evil x infinity +1!!

    I try to like LH, but it's hard. Great to see Jens win it. I didn't like him when he was whining over his contracts at Williams, but he has become the proper driver.

    Anybody notice that in both Monaco & Canada, he was the only man quicker than Vettel. Also, Jens seems like he's leading the team better than LH too...

    Go Jens!

  14. lewis reminded of last year's monza. pulling questionable moves. he did pull it together afterwards, interesting to see if he will this year as well. (if i remember correctly)

  15. I wouldn't say Vettel cracked under pressure. Sure he made a mistake but it looks as though he got a tire maybe a hands width off line. If he had stuffed it in a wall I would call that a mistake, but he didn't even spin.

  16. which lap did jenson become the crowd favorite? lap 70? everyone was upset when 'he didnt see hamilton' and when he 'overtook' alonso. taking out WDCs what makes him a favorite to you...? maybe other places on the circuit, but not GS33.


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