April 2, 2012

Shark bitten sidecar monkeys  by Rod Tietjen.


  1. At least the side car is on the proper side for brands hatch.

  2. Side car racing has to be one of the craziest things a person can do in motor sport. I watch these guys with a sense of awe and astonishment. It can't be easy hanging onto that thing at triple digit speeds. Would love to give it a try sometime.

  3. I read that they were going to be testing the Deltawing in Europe, but I didn't realize it would be running Brands Hatch.

  4. I watch these guys with a sense of terror and foreboding Zero 1.

    Anyway ... the fact that il grand John Surtees was a monkey when he was FIFTEEN years old is reason enough for that guy to be called a bad ass.

    The fact that he later went on to be a Moto GP and F1 Champion (the only man to do so) only ads to it.

  5. Tony-

    I didn't know Surtees was a GP champ and did side car. Adds to the legend a bit I'd say.

  6. Yes, his dad was a bike and sidecar racer, and John was pressed into service ... so yes, he's done all three: Sidecars, bikes and F1 (as well as being the first CanAm champ, sportscars, etc).

    Great autobiography:



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