April 4, 2012

From Track Day to F1: The Caterham SP/300.R

You could make a good case Caterham is the most hardcore car company out there.  After all,  the guys from Surrey loved a 1957 Lotus 7 design so much that in the 1970's they purchased the right to continue manufacturing it for the past 50 years.

in 2012, Caterham  finds itself arguably the winner in the Lotus vs Team Lotus debacle of 2010-11.  Now in F1, Caterham is maybe more Lotus than Lotus is Lotus because Lotus is a Renault...

F1 related confusion aside, Radical will get some cross shopping competition from the Lola designed Caterham SP/300.R.   Limited production and quite expensive, the SP 300 R is aimed at track day heroes.

With a spec series in the works, the 300.r  should attract racers to Caterham's motorsport ladder in the future.   The Tony Fernandes owned company has launched the Caterham Academy to provide a path from karting to, potentially, F1.

Power is from a Supercharged 2.0L Dry sump Ford, 300hp  with 35 extra hp available "Push to pass" , (presumably to dispatch pesky track day traffic).

0-60 in 2.8 seconds,  top speed 290 km/h -180 mph.

More to the point, 545 kg-1200 lbs  with 445kg-990lb downforce at 150mph.

What does it look like from the inside?  Exciting I'd say.

Photos courtesy Caterham Italia after the jump



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