November 27, 2011

Toyota GT86

What do you guys think?
RWD, it has about 200hp, is rumored to be under 3000 lbs and has a very low center of gravity. It also looks way better than a Miata....


  1. I think if you use tons of "product" in your hair then it probably looks bloody brilliant.

    Otherwise, tis all a bit too fast and furious for me.

  2. I give it 6/10 just for its RWD configuration and 1 extra point for style. TMC could get more without this ridiculous rear end & interior trying to look like 911 (997). Anyway, we have to wait a bit more to see what Subaru guys can do with it

  3. I love Toyota's new marketing tagline "Moving Forward."

    Shouldn't it be "Moving Forward... Unintentionally."

  4. Colin, that's a nice joke, but don't be so resentful, it's not so good for your karma ;)))

  5. I like it.
    But I wonder if it is'nt a litle underpowered.
    Hothattches have more bhp nowadays.
    And I know bhp is not everything but still.....

  6. I guess it all comes down to its price. Also, RinoSnaps has a point about it being a little low on power. I say, "Up the bhp another 75-100."

  7. RWD: check
    >= 100hp/l: check
    light weight: check
    affordability: (hopefully) check

    Sign me in. I think found I found the replacement for my beloved MX-5.

  8. Hey guys, it's taken them a relative eternity just to get the concept into actual form - how uch longer do you think it would take them to bump the HP? At this rate you wont see one on the road until 2015. The development time alone has turned me off this car - we, as a car society, know what works, and that doesn't include trying to 'upscale' what should be a 'base' sports car for young (read:poorer) enthusiasts. Feels like they're trying to make a mini LFA.

  9. After every other high school student & street racer starts crashing/stealing them, insurance rates will go through the roof (e.g. SRT-4, evo, integra GSR)...

  10. Anyone know if this car has a proper LSD? not that it will need one much with 197hp but still...

  11. I doubt it'll have an LSD, probably the hopped up versions will (Surely the Suby STI one if it ever sees the light). The power/liter is impressive for Toyota, naturally aspirated, the power/kg is impressive. UK price is 28k GBP, which is affordable but not 'cheap'. However, similarly horsepowered but heavier UK-market 125i 'M-sport coupe' is 26k GBP

    I wouldn't be shocked if the US got a $30k model. I say this is good for us enthusiasts, even if the principal buyer for this car is hair gelled up spoiled 17 year olds. And hey, between this, the Subaru version and Hyundai Genesis, there are lots more affordable decent platforms to gut and build race cars from :)

  12. It looks like a good starting point for getting into performance driving via a new car that's still DD-useable and not a stripped and modded e36/46 of some sort.

    I'd much rather see cars like this getting tracked than more GT3s/Scuds/track specials relegated to lives of cruising and filling spots in front of restaurants.

  13. I strongly support with my admiration, passion and evntually checkbook any manufacturer that buidls a RWD drivers car. Specially if they are attempting at making it at entry level prices, so that driving enthisiasts in their teens or on a low budget are not deprived from the real JOY of driving = RWD.

    I pr,ote a ban on the following list of auto manufacturers who dont dare do a RWD car or have remove any Soul from their product:

    honda ( can you believe it?! After all the heritage and the S2000! Nothing?!)
    Mistsubishi and subaru (not even back in WRC where dirt is the only proper venue for AWD)

  14. Definitely has an LSD in all forms.
    Well done to Toyota growing balls and making this.

  15. Looks great, needs 300hp. Otherwise it'll be slower than an 8-year old RX-8. Why would Toyota spend all this money to develop a new sports car and leave it so underpowered? The Japanese have been producing 250+hp 4-cylinders for 20 years. How hard can it be? Throw a turbo on there, geez.


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