November 27, 2011

Watch Max Papis and Alex Zanardi Drive a Toyota NASCAR at Monza

Part of the festivities at the annual Monza Rally show. The course is set up for rally cars, Max takes the gravel line at Parabolica...much to the amusement of Zanardi.

He also got to run the banks, that was cool.



  1. Apple autocorrect is seriously getting on my nerves....

  2. NASCAR is a goddamn sanctioning body, NOT a type of race car. I can't stand NASCAR, but I'm really sick of people saying NASCAR in the context of describing a full bodied North American race car that races in the NASCAR sanction body series. GET IT RIGHT for cripes sake. Makes you sound stupid when you use the word incorrectly.

  3. Don't get your panties in a bundle dude, People say a Formula 1 all the time. I honestly don't care that much to say Cup car or whatever to rever to those tube chassis Ersatz Toyota...whatever. Those things with stickers for headlights!

  4. best thing, Mad Max is using super Sic helmet :D


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