November 27, 2011

Be Sebastian Vettel for 11 minutes

I was thinking about all those drivers who claim to be Senna reincarnated, who wear his colors, who issue press releases about their visit to his grave and talk about him incessantly any chance they get.

I remember one of Senna's talents being his incredible ability at some point in qualifying, to put the hammer down in a way designed to destroy the opposition, usually right after they thought they had his number. He would find time where there seemed to be none or at least, where nobody else could find any.

In Brazil on Saturday, the most "Senna" of drivers was not wearing a replica helmet, he's a driver very much his own man at the moment. His pole lap, the last lap, was just phenomenal, the fastest of the week end.

Enjoy this rare treat, eleven minutes onboard with the 2010-11 Champion Sebastian Vettel in the mighty RB7 at the Autodromo Carlos Pace in São Paulo.



  1. id like to see hamilton in the rb chassis. i can guarantee he would put down a faster or equal time to vettel.

  2. Why would he, he's slower than Button in the same car...

  3. "the only driver capable of winning races in a car which is not the best"

    Fernando is faster than you, mate. I'll believe him. Let me know that you understand.

    Very magnanimous of you. You'll have no idea what that means so I'll explain it to you later.

  4. Why not just rename this blog to 'Axis of Hamilton bashing'? This thinly veiled trash is embarrasing.


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