October 19, 2011

Is that a Mclaren F1 in your mirror?

McLaren F1 GTR

I remember, as a very young boy, my father taking me to Monza to see the 1000Km and seeing the E9 Batmobiles flying down towards the Parabolica spitting flames out the sides. Such a distant memory but one I will never forget.

Very cool of BMW to take these priceless four wheeled treasures out and share them with the public who might not have seen them when they were "Just race cars".

I never saw a Mclaren F1 GTR in the heat of battle, the more reason to enjoy a ride in one driven by Mr BMW himself, Bill Auberlen (a.k.a. "best race driver ever" :)). At this year's Oktoberfest BMW track day at Barber Motorsports Park some lucky attendees got to sit in the right....and left seats!

That sound...wow. One day I'll get a ride in that monster. Kind of funny watching people giving point bys, like Bill would have waited around!



  1. Oh wow, absolutely love it.

    So jealous that you got to hear both those cars. I still haven't...

    The McLaren F1 sound is still one of my favorite engine notes out there.

    Amazing, thanks for sharing!

  2. Sweet! An almost complete lack of opposite lock. Even when he was throwing away a corner entry or pinching exit to go past some one. Would like to see someone really ringing an F1 out.
    The speed of the point bys was most impressive! hahaha

  3. Every time I see such beauties I realize I never grew up...

  4. I will never forget when they fired this car up at the BMWCCA TechFest in St Louis back in the late 90s. I was standing right behind it and I just melted when they started throwing revs. The S88 V12 is pure rage. Great video.

  5. Here's another awesome view from Lucas di Grassi wearing an eye-cam in his Toyota F1 car.
    Yes, he's going 260km/hr with one eye.

  6. BMW used to sponsor more events and the F1 GTR, CSL, and 320 Turbo were there workhorses. Big props to them for showing off their history. Here is the F1 GTR at Lime Rock in 2005. Listen to the sound as it goes down No Name Straight!


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