October 18, 2011

2011 Korean GP


The F1 boys ended up putting on a fairly decent show at times on that wretched, wretched track in Korea. The highlight was certainly that scrap between Webber and Hamilton, good stuff, clean too.

Hamilton drove, dare I say it, a Button-esque race. He saved his tires and was able to keep a traction challenged Webber behind. Well done. He was still sad though, perhaps those voices saying he's pining for Nicole are correct. Maybe he saw the terms of Button's new contract, more likely, he was not happy going backwards from his grid spot again.

Meanwhile, Vettel made a decisive pass on Hamilton and never really looked back. The guy's gunning for Schumacher's single season wins, I'm not betting against him pulling it off, do you?

Back in the Ferrari camp Massa still hasn't figured out Fernando really IS faster than him and wend about "destroying" his race. Alonso destroyed him once he passed him in the pits, it was embarrassing.

And how about Petrov? Between the custom inspector's kid and the legend's nephew, what an embarrassing week end for the Lotus Renault team!

The best news I heard is that the Korean GP is having financial issues. That track is possibly the most miserable on the circuit, I don't think too many would miss it.



  1. I think Hamilton's race was sort of made by the fact that button and alonso were stuck behind much slower cars for most of the race...

  2. Not sure where to bring this up, but I have looked everywhere for the vid of that 912 you just put back up on the Axis headline banner...can you point us in the right direction?

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  4. @JPS

    Eau Ruge:

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  5. BBC spent the whole weekend saying how much the drivers enjoyed the track....

    Maybe Hamilton watched X Factor and saw Nicole and Enrique!

  6. "That track is possibly the most miserable on the circuit"
    Come on man, you can't possibly say that after any race at Valencia, that is easily the dullest track ever made.

    Why hasn't Lewis driven like this all season? He should be forced to be sad all the time.

  7. You saying Ron should ron-speak to Nicole about withholding certain things? how would that conversation go?

  8. i dont get why everybody critices the track so much.. i think its one of the best tilke made..

    love the fast double left - right

  9. The track layout itself isn't so bad and has some exciting sections. The problem is that it's in the most miserable looking place on the F1 calender.

  10. The track has such a dichotomy with the curvy end and the long straights back to back, it's almost bipolar. Cars setup for the straights suck in the curvy half and vice versa. It ends up making cars of similar pace hold each other up. It should have had DRS Zones between 18-1, 1-3, and 3-4. If that were the case then everybody could run high down force and it'd bunch the cars up. The Track is boring and it's really hard to tell by any camera shot where the cars are on the circuit since everything looks the same.

    I think the race would have been more competitive had Button not had a bad first lap getting stuck behind Massa, and had Webber done 2 more laps before his pit stop to pass Hamilton.

  11. Thanks for the links NaCH! I've been looking for those for months!


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