October 25, 2011

Drive of a Lifetime

James Allen narrates the story of Djorge Simic, bank employee and winner of the 2011 Johnny Walker Drive of a Lifetime contest, surely one of the more epic contest wins in history.

"I bet he's crapping in his pants" says Hamilton watching Simic climbing in the 2008 Mclaren MP4/23. Yeah, probably he was but in oh such a good way!

I wonder if they could even have this contest in lawsuit happy USA what with all the necessary restriction inherent with even fitting inside an F1 car...

"17. For an opportunity to be considered for the drive of a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 car (selection to take place during day 2 and day 3 of the Experience), winners must fulfil the following requirements to satisfy the specific safety standards of McLaren Racing Limited (“McLaren”) such as, but not limited to:
a. you must be in good health;
b. there is no minimum weight but winners must not exceed 85kgs (187lbs);
c. must be a minimum height of 153 cm (5’2”) tall and must not exceed 183cm (6'0");
d. maximum shoe size should be UK size 10 (European 44); and
e. must be fluent in English to ensure that instructions from the McLaren team may be understood. (taken together, the "Safety Criteria".)"



  1. In the US of A, 17b would likely be the deciding factor.

  2. nice feel good motorsports related story after all the sadness of the past weeks.

  3. I find the lack of a chinstrap beard distressing.

  4. A weight limit of 187 pounds? LAME. There are people like me, who aren't fat, are 6 feet tall, and would love this chance. If they can fit Tony Stewart in that thing, they can fit me. I weigh 220 and I think I'd fit and drive it just fine. I can't due to a lame restriction. I could see the height restriction, but weight seems strange to me.

  5. Wow, what an opportunity. I think Simic did a great job: didn't stall it and didn't crash it.


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