October 25, 2011

2013 New Jersey Grand Prix

2012 New Jersey GP Layout

It's real.... and it's a short subway ride away from my house!

Kudos to Joe Saward for nailing the layout ahead of everyone... despite others taking the credit.

Some highlights

1. Full access via public transport, like Montreal.
2. No public financing.
3. 10 year contract with FOM
4. Tilke Design
5. large elevation change, with steep downhill section.
6. Average ticket price $360 for three days makes it somewhat affordable by F1 standards.
7 run clockwise.



  1. I think the track looks - dare I say it - interesting. Nice elevation there, and flat bit by the river... I kind of get the Spa mixed with Monaco reference now...

  2. section turn 6 - 11 looks flat out. if this is going to have monaco style barriers its going to look awesome!

  3. maybe a bit wishful thinking (i dont know the surroundings) but reminds me the beeest track ever: Macau

  4. I live a good 20-30 minutes from there. I remember all the car meets in edgewater like 10 years ago. Alot of car guys in these parts of nj. Only worried about the hoodlums from the surrounding towns.

  5. Any guesses where the DRS zone is going to be? Having never been there its kind of hard to get a sense of scale but maybe after the hairpin?

  6. Hang a minute here guys! As much as I hate to burst our bubble, but don’t you think this is yet another Bernie’s scheme to put pressure down in Texas? I mean do you really think US has enough fan base to support 2 F1 GPs? remember what happened to Donington, they had a 17 year contract, but at the end he got what he wanted down in Silverstone! What about the traffic in that area? Isn’t the traffic already a nightmare over there?... Bernie is a clever guy, he holds all the cards, as much as I would love to see this NJ race happening, but we might be in it for a BIG surprise, how about the environmental protest from the residents? those people along the JFK Blvd. those houses will be inches away from an F1 car doing 160-170 mph?!... really?!... Your thoughts please?....

  7. It's a bone deal, no way the Governor of the state would have been there if there was any question. Traffic is not an issue as all access to the track will be via public transportation already in place (think Montreal). As for the apartment buildings, If they are smart they will make a killing just like they do in Monaco.


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