October 25, 2011

New Jersey Grand Prix on Google Earth

Well, at today's press conference, organizers of the New Jersey Grand Prix did say Google Earth was used to find a suitable spot next to Manhattan. A day before the announcement some enterprising person made good use of that same Google Earth in the clip above, Outstanding!



  1. Did anyone notice that one stretch of the track passes right by a sewage treatment plant?

  2. You mean the Hudson? Yeah that's hard to miss.

  3. The Hudson is gotten pretty clean actually, but yes, I would not be Dirty Jerzy without some sewage :)

  4. The Jersey GP does give a new meaning to Jersey Shores.

  5. Awesome to see this is really going to happen. There's no other city in the USA with more F1 fans than NYC, plus it has more than anytwhere all the Corporate $ Bernie wants to make it also a glam$ta$tic event.

    Glad to see good amounts of paved parking, because a LOT of it is needed as paddock, not only F1 but all the support series that run that weekend. For every F1 car there are 6-8 other racecars and that compounds into same # of trucks, support vehicles, etc. (that's whitout giving access to spectator vehicles, which they shouldn't).

    Cant wait to see if IMSA will get a GT3 Challenge race there. Would love to race there (despite being worried at night about the integrity of my racecar! jajaja).

    Not sure

  6. US already has great circuits... why a new boring, street and Micky mouse circuit ?

    IMHO Formula 1 should stay on the classics were this year were the best races.

  7. Well said NaCH. If i wanted to see a parade, i would turn the tv on Thanksgiving morning.

  8. What track is there anywhere in a major market. Have you been to Watkins Glen or VIR? They are in the middle of nowhere, nth is will be reachable by subway from the biggest market on earth, NYC.

    Plus the layout will be at least as good as Montreal, probably wider.


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