October 24, 2011

BMW DTM: Meaner than a bag of badgers.

Just look at that thing, how awesome is it to share the same planet with this machine?

2012 will bring much needed new blood and interest to DTM. Check out the contenders after the jump, who are you going to root for, BMW Audi or Mercedes?


  1. Agreed, that does look (and sound) mean as a bag of badgers.
    For UK residents without Sky are there any websites that stream the DTM?

  2. Hahaha I had to change the title of the post, that was too good Jonny!

  3. I'd wager the majority car enthusiasts and driving enthusiasts would be more likely to support BMW than the other two, purely based on the characteristics of the three companies' road cars. And anyway, we all love a good underdog, don't we?

  4. A US version of this is the logical evolution of Trans Am. I'd pay good money to see a fully developed version of the new gen Pony Cars mix it up on road courses.

    I really love the regional touring car series -- Ozzie, British, Italian, German -- lots of rubbin and racin...

  5. In the words of Brother Clarkson, "It sounds like a bear. A bear on fire."


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