August 9, 2011


..I'm sure you'll agree. Great story, great shoot via Fuel Magazine

Factory 6 - Craig -13

Craig Metros is a Detroit born car designer, artist and hot rod builder. Craig moved to Melbourne, Australia five years ago on an international work transfer. The first film from new production house Fuel Tank TV begins the 'Factory 6' series by peering through the doors of a workshop deep in the suburbs of Melbourne. Craig is one of a handful of passionate and skillful guys, toiling away the winter nights, creating art and working on a multitude of automotive projects in the same shared space.

Craig talks to us about moving from Detroit to Melbourne, what inspires him, and what it's like to build a hot rod that has fulfilled a childhood dream.

Bandit Films and Fuel Magazine from Melbourne Australia have joined forces to create Fuel Tank TV, a platform that curates a wide selection of short films from across the world, combined with producing and showcasing our own locally made productions.

Director: Tom Broadhurst
DOP: Daniel De Silva
Producer: Luke Ray
Editor: Daniel De Silva

Music: Band: X / Album Aspirations / Delinquent Cause​wiki/​X-Aspirations​

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