August 8, 2011

BMW 1M Coupé, Real Track Data


Team Axis was at New Jersey Motorsports Park this past week end and we had a change to grab some real life Traqmate data from young Eddie's new BMW 1 M Coupe and compare it, side by side, on the same day, on the same track with my 2001 M Coupe. As usual we give you our data so you can dig into for yourself, at your leisure.


OK, lets start with the various disclaimers so you can calibrate this comparison. The 1 M is stock save for:

- KW Clubsport shocks and springs. Serup comes with Camber plates which allowed a -3.2 degree of camber up front.
- the car was corner balanced with driver
- Stock brakes with Hawk race pads (sorry, can't recall the compound now)
- 18x10 wheels with non sticker Toyo 888, 275 all around

Not stock, but not an unreasonable setup for anyone doing regular track days. Best lap time: 1:15.097, Theoretical best lap 1:14.614 (combined best segments from the whole session)

Top speed in session, 133.28 mph

1 Lap of America:@ Carolina Motorsport Park

My 2001 M Coupe (s54) is also modified:

-Ground Control/Koni Shocks/camber plates
-Diffsonline LSD, 3.46 final drive (from 3.15, making the gearing almost identical to the e-46 M3)
-stock brakes, PFC Direct Drive rotors, PFC race pads
-9x17 and 9.5x17 wheels with 245/45 and 275/40 Kumho 710 (year old)

Best lap time 1:14.470, theoretical best time 1:14.342
Top Speed in session 132.58 mph

What do we see from the data? well, while it's not the perfect comparison because it's two different drivers, it's amazingly close. I was surprised by the acceleration curves being so matched but I think I had to work much harder to get there than Eddie did even with an almost 300 lbs weight advantage. Slap some fresh Hoosiers on that puppy by and you got something pretty awesome on your hands.

Here is the bonus, there were no overheating issues at all despite the 95 degree, 100% humidity day and the brakes held up fine. Great news for the lucky 1 M owners!
Have a look at the Traqmate data for the BMW 1 M vs MZ3 , play around with it by downloading the free software (windows or mac via parallels) HERE



  1. Great Write up Andrea.... im wonder what the case may have been with less humid and hot temps. We shall see in the fall, i believe the the 1M should be able to shave some time with the cooler crisp air - boost power!


  2. the M coupe also appears to have a rollbar while the 1M does not.

    in a rear wheel drive car this increased rigidity def will help driver confidence and therefore laptimes.

    maybe difference is even closer than laptimes make them.

  3. Great write up, but broken link on the data download.

  4. @John D: indeed the 1M will be faster in the fall...but so will everyone else :). The more impressive thing is the no overheating.

  5. @heeltoer: The MCoupe gains little from the roll bar unfortunately and to be honest, rides on crap shocks. But I agree, the 1M will be faster as it's easier to drive fast than the MCoupe, to that end, I added the Theoretical best lap times which give a better idea of the potential by eliminating traffic variables for the most part.

    @Traqmate, my bad, Fixed :)

  6. Hey, I made the front page on Axis. Sweet! (Blue WRX)

  7. By the way, nice writeup. It was awesome to see a 1M on the track.

  8. Hah! The last thing Eddie needs is more driver confidence! Great idea / write up, wish I was down there w/ you guys - Fukes


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