August 5, 2011

BMW e30 on the Pocono Banking

Couple of weeks back, our Spec E-30 heroes, The Freep, Pete and Sean were at Pocono raceway with NASA. The configuration for the day was long course reversed, that would be the North course infield and then out to turns 2 and then 1 of the NASCAR try oval.

Aside from the, to me still incredible, GPS speed of 150 137+ mph in a car with 23 hp and brick shaped like the e-30 (I kid, I kid...I know the e-30 has a better Cx than the M Coupe...or even the 1 M Coupe). Yeah, aside from that you got insane speed differential with some of the faster classes on track, check out the Porsche fly by at. 4:45 secs, woah!

In the top video , you are riding with the Freep in a rental. Freep drives the boobs off the tires, eventually overheating them with predictable results. Please join me in amusement at all the 500HP Corvettes getting owned by the e-30 in the corners...

In the bottom video we are riding with Sean (green and white e-30) , check out the bump drafting with Pete in the gray and orange Axis-SOH machine... Pete's a big NASCAR fan, he doesn't like lifting.



  1. Did I see some playful bumping at 8:30?

  2. Did I see some playful bumping at 8:30?

  3. I'll give you a Pocono special breakfast if that car actually hit 150MPH in the straight. Maybe 150kph. Fastest ST2 cars were at ~150. C6Z was 160.

  4. The "500hp" corvettes are ST-2 cars which are tightly regulated to be in the 325-370hp range, depending on weight. One (dark red) has a 110k mile engine that might put out 300hp. His tires had ~50 heat cycles on them. The yellow corvette is slower than Christmas. I only see faster cars stuck in traffic in the infield, and E30s making up much of that traffic.

  5. The creep caved, it was more like 137' which I still think is faster than a spec e30 will go if you dropped it from a plane...with afaik wind! :)

  6. Oh, and there is still no excuse for the vettes!:)


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