August 5, 2011


Here IS the picture of Rowan Atkinson's Mclaren F1 post (latest) crash.

via Northampton Chronicle and Echo Thanks MrQuick for setting the record straight.

OK, it will cost a bit more than I originally thought but I bet the tub is still fine...maybe! .


  1. I'm pretty sure its toast. Probably still worth a tub replacement though... That bill is going to be nasty!

  2. That looks more than slightly shagged. However McLarens have been repaired from some heroically monumental shunts in the past and fingers crossed the same applies for this one. I was on Pistonheads earlier and from what I was reading apparently out of all the Maccas out there only four or five tubs have actually been wrecked...

  3. I'm guessing the drivetrain is toast but the tub is OK. Mr Bean will have to do a couple more Johnny English movies... (does anyone go see those?)

  4. BTW the egg is on my face for the earlier worn picture etc... Like I said, I need to go to the track and set my priorities straight! Off to Time Trials at NJMP this after noon.

  5. Quoting a guy I know from a Forum:
    "Not sure about fire damage, just looking at the photo I can see one engine mount has been ripped out and the mismatch between the rear of the door and roof line means quite a bit of the main chassis tub has been damaged. The roof looked alright until the breadown truck monkey lifted the car through the thinnest section of the car."


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