August 10, 2011

Laguna Seca Shuffle

Seth Thomas reached out to share some of his in car videos and fancy footwork with us tracktards.
Laguna Seca is good timing, CG will be there in September with IMSA GT3 Challenge and the last time he was at there it was a track day in an Acura Integra Type R, sometime in the 1850's!
This might give him a little break from all those out hours training on rFactor and iRacing.

Seth drives the Bimmerworld BMW M3 entry in Grand Am Continental Tire Sport Car Challenge.

Above, a couple of practice laps out the front, below, the foot cam also from practice. Never driven Laguna but looking at the clips it seems like a track where one needs to be somewhat patient with the throttle, is that correct?



  1. I'm with Nick - need more foot cam! I think V8 supercars has the best foot cam footage I can remember in recent history. It would be nice to have a small inset of the forward facing camera so we can see more about where on the track he is is applying gas and brake. Great post!

  2. Hello M3, consider your boobs hooned off.
    And am I alone in enjoying a well executed heel and toe? Done the proper way, using those lumpy bits below your ankles as opposed to a computer chip opening a throttle linkage in conjunction with a tug on a paddle to the left of the steering wheel.

  3. Oh, another thing. That foot cam reminded me of this (please excuse the supremely dodgy 'oh hi, please come in mr electrician, sorry for only wearing a negligé' music).

  4. After you go through the corkscrew, you need to be gentle on the throttle going through turn 9 down to turn 10. That part of the track is kind of tricky. I used to live about five minutes away from the track.

  5. On a bicycle at Laguna Seca you need to be full throttle everywhere but the corkscrew...


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