July 5, 2011

IMSA Porsche GT3 Challenge at Lime Rock, July 8-9


Come to Lime Rock this Friday and Saturday, for ALMS but also for the IMSA GT3 Challenge races. That's right, there are two GT3 Challenge races on Saturday, one at 10 AM and one at 5PM. (tickets available online)

Find up in the Paddock, drop by to say hello and maybe purchase one of the new Axis T-shirts and stickers, now finally availabe (woohoo, finally).

And please, do send us your best shots of the Axis GT3 for the blog!

In the mean time have a look at this clip, Lime Rock in 2010 narrated by Patrick Long of Flying Lizards. Nice pass Pat!

See you there, tracktards!.



  1. I knew I was going to be going and that you guys did the GT3 Challenge, but I never put two and two together, so thanks for the reminder. I'll be sure to swing by at some point.

  2. Webshop for the shirts and stickers?!

  3. Rather jerky wheel movements, I must say...


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