July 5, 2011

Juan Pablo Montoya onboard

Pretty extraordinary onboard camera shot from Juan Pablo Montoya's car at Infineon last week. Amazing the amount of talking the spotter does, a long way from the "C'mon Felipe, baby" of F1!

In this other clip, ever resourceful teams break new frontiers in sponsor sticker placement: Kevin Harvick's crew has them on the steering column.



  1. Interesting to see what must be a manual throttle return bar, in case the throttle gets stuck.

  2. engineer - that's pretty typical setup when using a manual throttle cable in a well-built race car. To make it work you need to use a push-pull style throttle cable (basically a thicker cable that is stiff enough to push the throttle closed as well as open).

  3. Yeah... but what does "a manual throttle cable in a well-built race car" even mean in 2011?!


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