July 6, 2011


(photo:Paulo Hargreaves)

Brazilian Stock Car is going through a rough patch of nasty accidents lately. When driver's Tuka Rocha's Hyundai sponsored Chevrolet (?) caught massively on fire, the only solution was to bail. Rocha was up on his feet making victory signs immediately after his dramatic "tuck and roll" but collapsed soon after.

In the end, despite the seemingly chaotic rescue efforts, he was fine and probably requiring only a good dose of oxygen with a fresh set of underwear.

Full video after the jump.


  1. Am I the only one to think of this epic video (@1:30)?

  2. His Chevrolet is actually sponsored by a Hyundai division of tractors and heavy machinery. I must say that the Brazilian Stock Cars have been having a series of incidents lately.

  3. Whomever that idiot is at the beginning of the first video needs to be banned from helping out injured/incapacitated drivers. He clearly doesn't know how to take the anchors of a HANS device off a helmet.


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