July 19, 2011

Epic Fail: Adrian Sutil crashes a Gumpert Apollo at the Ring

Adrian "Machete" Sutil continues his legendary string of epic fails this year. After his tuned Panamera, his throat slashing broken bottle bar fight with a top Renault exec, now comes a crash at a Nurburgring track day!.

In the age of twitter there is no escape for Machete, Chris Harris was there and tweeted a pic of Lewis' BFF right after the crash. Even better, our ol friend Dale who runs the best 'ring site out there, Bridgetogantry.com, was right behind and sent the picture above. I would make sure to tune in to BTG later for all the juicy details that are sure to follow. Juicy details like: ...it happened on the first corner! Machete annus horribilis, I guess.




  1. hey AC who'd win in a knife fight, you or sutil?
    Remember you are fighting this guy

  2. HAHAHA... well, that's all just a front to keep you off balance. MAchete vanquishes all foes! :)

  3. Idiot. There was a broken suspension which caused the accident. You should better inform yourself before writing nonsens.

  4. Lewis Lewis... you don't have to post as anonymous here! :)

  5. The tinge of homophobia in this blog is a nice touch.........

  6. why so much negativity?

  7. What negativity? Allow us to chuckle when a Formula 1 driver smasches a super car in the first corner out of the pits at a track day! at least Schumacher made it a quarter of the way around! :)


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