July 19, 2011

Ferrari 458 Grand Am Michelotto

This is the first photo of the Ferrari 458 developed by Michelotto specifically for Grand Am racing in the USA.
While based on the GT3 version, the Padova based race shop had to make it conform to the American series by, essentially, detuning it: Less efficient aerodynamic, less power, 48mm restrictors and rev limit at 8000 rpm.
There is no ABS or traction control but there is a roll cage with "NASCAR" bars for extra side impact protection and of course "Continental" slicks (actually made by Hoosier".

The car was tested at Fiorano. (Photo: Ferrari S.p.A.)



  1. Hmm, looks really good. Wonder how well it will fair against the tube-chassied Camaros, BMWs and Mazdas, though.

  2. hmmm... Why handicap yourself with no ABS, when everyone else runs sophisticted Motrsports systems (even in Koni GS)?

    Great to see a real car in GT (in addition to the Porsche), rather than the silhouette tube frame racers. I hope at least another Ferrari teams joins and that the car is cost competitive so Grand-Am really puts an effort in ensuring rules to make it a potential race winner.

  3. @CG real cars in class comment:

    This is why I can't warm to Grand-Am or anything really that NASCAR has its fat little fingers in. It's positively Orwellian - "War is Peace" - "Tube Frames are Stock Cars" - "Fuel Injection is Carburettors".

    "We Have Always Been At War With The ACO".

    It's just so irritating...

  4. Is it me or is Ferrari becoming very Porsche like in providing all manner of customer race cars?

  5. @AC, yes they are. It can be run profitably and it serves as great marketing.
    Just look at the massive Porsche CupCar fields that you get at Club Races.

    Obviously the market is a lot more limited for the Ferrari "Cup" Cars given the price. Not a big difference on "entry" price but running cost must be much higher if you count in crash repairs as Ferraris are truly made from a good amount of unobtanium, while P-Cars or BMWs are still mostly steel and plastic.


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