June 5, 2011

So, Red Bull does give you wings?..

Why does the official cross the road?

An official at a Red Bull event for tsunami victims in Chiba Japan decided it was time to get to the other side right as Sebastian Buemi's RB6 was making a pass.

What role lingering Fukushima radiation played in his decision making is unknown but perhaps it was those free cans of the sticky pink stuff that allowed the man do to a reasonable frightened deer imitation and avoid getting his legs sliced off.

He was not seriously harmed, despite the hard landing.
(via Blick.ch)
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  1. Natural selection was trying really REALLY hard.

    Sorry, but what would make you do that. Seriously. Stupid.

    Amazing that he got away with it, however.

  2. what an idiot. maybe he was running from Godzilla.


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