May 20, 2011

Las 24 Horas de Le Mans

"Corrèr es vida... todo lo que occurre antes o despuès es solo una espera."

So much of the web's motorsport content is in English, one day there will be a Spanish language edition of Axis. In the meantime, please enjoy this totally illegal, will probably get taken down right away, Spanish version of the McQueen classic....

Gracias a todos por sintonizar Axis!
I'm off to Europe, I'll be at the Monaco Gp, maybe some of you will be there as well?


  1. As am I! I fully recommend taking the trip up to Paris to see Ralph Lauren's collection on display

  2. Actually the is planned but later in the summer!

  3. Andrea, let me know if you intend to pass by the N'ring. I live next door ;)

  4. "Gracias a todos por sintonizar Axis!"

    ¡¡¡Gracias a vosotros por hacernos disfrutar de esta maravillosa página!!!

    ¿Acaso el creador es Español?

  5. the best movie racer. other movie Gran Prix



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