May 19, 2011

Fernando flogs a 458 at Fiorano

This clip is sort of ruined by the the passenger's incessant cackling but watching Alonso at work in a Ferrari 458 Italia is cool.

The first lap is for showboating and then he tries to shoot for a faster lap. Quite interesting that even Fernando would change the manettino setting. Also notice how the dual clutch paddle shifter lets him upshift mid corner, while fully sideloaded, to reduce torque and catch a slide. "it's a very comfortable car" says Alonso towards the end...

It would have been nice to have some lap times for comparison but they were running on a non standard configuration of Fiorano so the 1:31 laps are not comparable to the official 458 record time of 1:25. 1:25 is the same lap time as the stripped out, track oriented 430 Scuderia, pretty awesome for a fully GT car. If you want to play guessing games on the inevitable future hardcore version, the 458 Challege laps in the 1:16s, add a few seconds for tires and you get the idea! Lust.



  1. It took me five minutes in to the video to notice, but the cackling passenger is wearing a tie. When you re-watch the video check out how it gets flung almost perpendicular to the dash, we'd all be cackling too if Alonso was throwing us around like that. I still wish he just cackled to himself though, ha.

  2. I think he hits a cone at about 2:50. That's a 2 second penalty, right? :)

  3. Oh Cmon Jalopnik...still mad? ha

  4. C'mon - is there another version of this video where, hard over in a right hand corner, Alonso twists the Mannetino to the position which pops open the passenger's seatbelt and door simultaneously, sending this babbling idiot rolling out onto Pista de Fiorano's paved curbs?


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