May 1, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: 2011 One Lap Of America Day 1


It was long getting here, it was not easy, there was a bit of heartbreak with the V8 M Coupe not working out but we did it.

The replacement is my 2001 S54 M Coupe i (not a z4 coupe..), pressed into service at the last minute.

We had no choice but to run the original "tiny" wheels but I also had no choice but to buy a new set of tires. I went with the new Michelin Super Sports. Good choice, the little M Coupe was second overall in the wet skid pad, by just .001 G. with a .825 I had assumed the 4wd cars would destroy in the wet but no...

Later in the afternoon, fortified by a couple of Full Strength meal shakes we drove to Grissom Air Force for the autocross and, once again the Super Sports performed incredibly well for such "small" oem sized rubber. We placed 12th overall, enough to have us tied for the overall lead of the race. Nice.

Tomorrow we move on to track events and fully expect for the big horsepower cars to steamroll....

It's late, time to get some sleep!

Results HERE

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  1. Do you think the smaller rubber maybe helped in the wet?

  2. just because its AWD doesn't mean it handles better! :)


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