May 1, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: Day 2, Summit Point, West Virginia


Day2 of the Tire Rack One Lap of America started at Summit Point, every one there early in the morning after getting in late the night before. The first real time trial was going to see the big dog , high horsepower cars shine. The Godzillas did not disappoint, I unofficially clocked Leh Keen in the TopSpeed Motorsports Nissan GT-R do a 1:23 lap...from a standing start! His fast lap was a 1:17 on street tires... just amazing combination of car AND driver.

Speaking of, I messed up our morning heat. The car felt awful with weird breakaway midcorner, not confidence inspiring on the key fast corner of Summit. I came in 33rd overall only to remember I had not reset the shocks after the autocross run no wonder the car felt wrong. Before the afternoon run, and after a quick phone conference with CG, the other end of the Axis of Oversteer, I changed the balance so the car would push and lopped off 13 seconds from my cumulative time! The afternoon limited the damage and we ended the day in 6th overall, first among the competing BMW. Not bad for an old car!


After the event wrapped we drove to South Carolina where, tomorrow, we'll rung at carolina Motorsport Park and the BMW PErformance Center, then we drive to Daytona! I must be insane.

Here is video from Contour and Traqmate overlay (with apologies to Risi,) of the second session. Cars get one reconnaissance lap then three laps from a standing start are added for the final result.

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  1. Don't feel too bad, the GT-Rs did most of the driving themselves, the drivers were superfluous.

  2. Awesome job AC! keep pushing, and get some sleep!
    Glad to see the setup changes worked.


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