April 29, 2011

Axis 1 Lap: Backup

We are in the 2011 Tire Rack One Lap of America but not as hoped in the carbon V8 MCoupe. It's a dissapointement for all involved but, as you read here, we experienced an unexpected and as of yet unexplained engine failure at our VIR test. There was just no time to have the engine rebuilt for the One Lap, but Dinan, Apex and Trinity Motorsports are hard at work to get it sorted for the Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge later this summer.

We don't like to give up or let you down, so I volunteered my BMW S54 M Coupe which I drove yesterday from NYC to Lima, Ohio. Today, at Trinity Motorsports, Shawn and the guys will get all new fluids in an transfer as many bits as possible over from the black carbon car and later today, Eric and I will drive the resulting Frankencoupe up to South Bend ready for tomorrow's start!

Stay tuned, check our twitter feed (@axisofoversteer) and Facebook page for updatesend of post


  1. "Frankencoupe" teehee :)

  2. I know it'll totally be outclassed by the monsters but... go S54 power!

    Sorry for the bad luck with the Dinan plant, but good luck and enjoy never the less!

  3. Good luck AC and team AXIS!! Long live the shoe!!!

  4. Best of luck. Put up a good fight.

  5. Same thing happened to me in 2005...final tuning the day before I was headed to S. Bend and a lifter in my LS1-powered RX7 turned. End of event.
    Great to hear you have a Plan B.


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