March 30, 2011

Hey drunk dudes: cars don't work without front wheels...

What's with this rash of accidents involving people royally screwing up their supercars and then thinking it's a good idea to continue driving down the road?

Jalopnik had found this incident involving a fully lipsticked 2011 997 GT3 RS in Texas. Details are sketchy other than evidence the car hit a curb but the owner kept going down the road leaving a trail of pars and fluids.

But crashing a simple RS pales in comparison to crashing a Mclaren SLR... twice and then blowing the engine by trying to drive the wreck onto a sidewalk.

The protagonist of this second spectacular fail is the husband of a pneumatically enhanced, ex-Flavio Briatore girlfriend, Italian "showgirl" Adriana Volpe.

The man, Roberto Parli, was heading home early in the morning towards Lugano, Switzerland when he sideswiped a car he was passing with enough force to shear off his front right wheel. Mr. Parli decided the best course of action would be to keep on going on three wheels, after all the SLR is a superbly balanced car, what could possibly go wrong? So on he went into a highway tunnel where he promptly had another crash, this time colliding with a truck and blowing his front left tire off the rim.

Those SLR are built strong because the guy still kept going for a few hundred meters when he finally decided it might be a good idea to park it...on a sidewalk.

Now, a sober man would have... ok, this would not have happened to a sober man, but someone less ripped would have realized the SLR was now a bit low in the front. Not so Mr. Parli who proceeded to gun the SLR's handmade engine in an effort to get the nose over the curb. He only stopped when smoke and fire started to come out the bonnet and a passing motorist convinced him to quit.

Police came, found his blood alcohol more than twice the legal limit and ripped up his license on the spot. Reports say Parli was heard proclaiming "I'm a millionaire, I'll pay for everything I don't care". Considering how the Swiss give out tickets based on personal wealth, we think he cared once he sobered up!


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  1. If that 911 picture is' t from the burbs of Houston I don't know what is.

  2. So what's twice legal limit in Switzerland? A quick look up yield .10%? Weak sauce, money can't buy tolerance.


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