December 16, 2010

Before there was DTM, real men raced in DRM

Fiat 128 #110

Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft , the German Racing Championship was the precursor to the now more famous DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) that ran between 1972 and 1985. It started, much like DTM, with fairly agricultural production cars and through the years evolved to the point of absurdity with insanely flared silhouette tube frame cars and sport prototypes until it just priced itself out of existence and was replaced by the (at the time) more sensible touring cars.

Enjoy this long slide show of some of these epic cars, from a racing VW bug all the way to the monster Joest Porshes of the mid 80's. Check out where the genesis of the famous BMW e30 M3 flares ...a Fiat 128...who knew!

Videos are after the jump.

Porsche CK5 #14 (Did Not Start- Engine In Practice)


  1. Great videos indeed!

    Salzburgring debakle was ridiculous... Apparently they switched to a rolling start, then right before the race went back to a standing start. During the warmup lap, the front guys were stopping but the guys in the back didn't see anything, so they went for it. Apparently, nothing major happened, but what a slip up.

    Love Stucks interview on the M1. Just goes to show what engineering and such was like back then :)

  2. Check out that tail fin on the Joest Porsche. Not a new idea after all.

  3. Those where the days. i almost visited every Gruppe 5 race at Zolder. Best racing ever.


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