December 15, 2010

Lotus goes Turbo

What with all the talk bout Lotus and JPS liveries and the coming turbos, I thought you might enjoy this film dating from the early 80's.

Apparently Adrien Newey still draws cars using just pen and paper but I found the segments about design the most fascinating. Might as well have been 100 years ago!

You'll need about a half hour for the film.


  1. Nice find. And interesting to see nigel stepney back then...

  2. I cannot get the video window to load. Can you provide a URL link, please?

  3. Always enjoy watching these old 'documentaries'.

    It's again and again amusing to compare back then to now.

    It also is a great little nod to the new F1 rules. I just hope that they'll lighten up on the engine specifics a bit (They won't). I'd love to see Turbo V6s again, maybe some V8s. Who knows.

  4. well, "his faithful mechanic nigel stepney" was the killer line for me as well :)


  5. Great video. The season didn't quite pan out as they had anticipated. I believe Elio had a string of DNF's and only scored 2 points that year.

  6. This video is so captivating, it's really interesting to see how computers were much less involved in the design process.

    Testing the air flow with a rod and a thread! that was a funny moment for me.

  7. Excellent video, thanks a million


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